We, the people of the United States, are going through really tough times. Our country faces serious threats to our health, morality and our environment. Many individuals are coming forward with an outpour of protests against racism and the general state of affairs of our nation as a whole.

As I have watched the protests on television while social distancing, I have imagined myself marching along with the peaceful protesters. I am inspired when I see so many people coming together for a common cause even though they are angry and grief-stricken.

The protesters are saying that we as a people are aching for a return to humanity, equality, morality, goodness and fairness. We the people are tired of the status quo and want our voices to be heard. We the people are standing together and demanding change.

“We the People” is written from the perspective of the protesters. The music guides the listener through various stages of a day of protest; calling out to one another in solidarity, marching, chanting, singing, grieving, confronting violence, experiencing adversity, recovering from adversity and ultimately coming together one powerful voice.