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Color Wheel, the latest CD from songwriter and composer Sharon Omens, is a brilliant splash of active educational music for kids of every age.  If Follow the Music had you tapping your feet and moving to the music, Color Wheel will get  you singing and dancing along.  Even if you're listening in the car!  It is an eclectic collection of wildly funny lyrics, creative calls to action and compelling story songs. 

Sharon maintains her high caliber of musicianship.  It's a pleasure to listen to and share her melodies with my kids...congrats Sharon! 

Kari Haugeto - Singer/Songwriter 

Sharon Omens, our awesome piano/voice teacher did it again! Color Wheel is her newest CD and it is so much fun! My daughter Briana sings on it too! I am so happy to endorse Sharon as our teacher and resident composer! Thank you for loving our kids the way you do! 

Marybeth DeLeonardis - Owner, Spark Enrichment Center 

Sharon Omens is a wonderful piano and voice teacher and composer! She has included our kids, including my daughter Gabbi, in her newest CD Color Wheel.  Sharon has skillfully incorporated her talents with the children here at Spark and has truly enhanced their lives! Thank you Sharon for sharing your heartfelt gifts with us! 

Denise Archilla - Co-Owner, Spark Enrichment Center 

I am pleased to recommend Shaorn's fifth album Color Wheel.  It is such a fun album, it makes me laugh and it brings out the kid in me!  The album has high quality music and is very professionally done....If I had young kids or grandkids, I would buy it right away for them...congratulations Sharon! 

Brenda Hofreither - Plein Air Artist 

Sharon Omens is a very talented song writer.  Her catchy tunes captured my four year old daughter on the first listen and she demands to hear "Alphabet Fun" in the car.  Teachers are her preschool have started to play these songs and musical games in their classes as well.  Music has contemporary sound with classical sensibilities. 

Kari Haugeto - Singer and Songwriter 

What a delightful collection of songs for children this new CD is/! "Follow The Music" displays Sharon Omens' wide range of compositional, poetic and vocal talent and artistic arrangement.  Her music appeals to a variety of ages while never 'talking down' to the listener.  The childrens' voices on several cuts contribute to the charm and the sweetness of the lyrics.  I can recommend this new work to anybody with children or grandchildren not only for the content of the songs, but for the integrity and joy of the music. 

Catherine Farrar - Educator 

Sharon Omen's giving spirit is apparent in this music and it makes the world a better place. 

Sally Erickson - Mental Health Professional 

Congratulations to Sharon Omens, our talented piano teacher, on her new CD, Follow the Music.  The CD of children's music features some of our Sparkers: Briana DeLeonardis, Gabbi Archilla and Sophie Cooper as well as her daugher Molly and is now available at Spark,, iTunes and! 

Marybeth DeLeonardis 

In this album, artist Sharon Omens explores musical lines that are both playful and serene.  The overall effect is very hopeful and relaxing.  A musical message to the soul. 

Kari Haugeto - Singer and Songwriter 

This series of melodies reaches into your soul and delivers a sense of peace and well being.  Sharon Omens pushes listeners past the emotionally charged frenetic day to day and into an environment of warmth, hope and peace with a hint of melancholy. 

Kari Haugeto - Singer and Songwriter 

I found Sharon Omen's music to be gently uplifting.  Her songs are expressive with a "Zen" type of healing quality. While listening to her music, I was transported into a tranquil meditative setting.  Beautiful. 

Sharon Conway - Dreamer Dreamer Music 

In her 3rd CD, composer and musician Sharon Omens continues to work through emotions with a series of contemplative and reverent melodies that at time reach angelic standards.  Perfect for meditation, centering and relaxation.  Messages are positive and thoughtful. 

Kari Haugeto - Singer and Songwriter