When I wrote 'The Broken Toy Consortium', I was investigating the sounds and capabilities of the French Horn and wrote this composition with no thought of a particular theme or title.

However, as I listened to this piece over time, I realized that there was a story behind this music. I saw a time in my life in which I was exploring the broken parts of myself.

During this difficult time in my life, I wrote in my personal journal quite frequently and found it very helpful to enact a dialogue between these aspects of myself that I had difficulty accepting. Gradually, over time, I began to feel integrated in a much more meaningful way.

I came to realize that the music I wrote conveyed this process and then I was able to come up with a title and a storyline.

‘The Broken Toy Consortium’ describes two broken toys who meet and decide to spend the day together. As the music evolves, each section portrays a particular interaction between the two of them; getting acquainted, romping, cavorting, playing, fighting, reconciliation and ultimately parting as good friends.

The main melodic motifs are comprised of major and minor 2nds, minor 3rds, minor 7ths and tritones. The rhythmic motifs combine quarter note triplets, staccato eighth notes and repeated 16th notes Compositional techniques incorporate syncopation, modulation, polyrhythms, and counterpoint.