"The bliss of heaven has been characterized by the dance of the angels and the illumination of light."

-Tessa Morrison

I love angels and what they represent. I see their loving presence as a symbol of hope, joy and peace and a loving presence. That is why I wrote 'Dance of the Angels'.

I wrote this composition originally for my "Sweet Dreams" album and wanted to convey a slow dance of softness, tenderness and peace.

A number of years later, I decided to adapt this piece for Woodwind Ensemble, as I felt that this group of instruments would fit my vision perfectly. This time I wanted to express the joy, hope and jubilation as angels dance together in the sky with much energy and movement.

This composition has three sections and it has an A B A structure. The melody is written primarily with dorian and lydian modes.

'Dance of the Angels' has been performed at Timucua Arts Foundation, the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, and the Accidental Music Festival.