'Childhood' is written from the point of view of a child who is away from home for the first time.
The child is curious, playful and at times, afraid.

Originally, I wrote the main melody for my first album, 'Moments in Time'. I knew that at some point I would expand upon this piece.

When I wrote 'Childhood', I reflected upon my own childhood. As a mother, I pondered on what it was like for me when my daughter went to school for the first time. I felt that perhaps this piece is relatable to others.

'Childhood' tells the story of a young child (3 years old) going to preschool for the first time. The listener is led through the day from the child's perspective - first, play time and then, nap time.

Suddenly, there is a traumatic event - one of the children becomes a bully (bites the child) and causes havoc and all the children start crying.

After the situation is contained, the child recovers from this, but of course, will never forget this event. This is the first time that the child realizes that not everyone is always nice in the world and the child's previous utopian view of the world has been altered.