This contemporary classical 'Sonata' for String Quartet has three movements which are similar in harmonic structure, but are contrary in mood and character.

The main intervals used in all three movements are Minor 2nds, Minor 3rds, Major 2nds and Major 3rds.

The first movement is a four part 'Fugue'. There is much activity going on in this movement. If you listen closely, you will hear the central theme (subject) repeating itself in different voices, in counterpoint and also in cannon style.

The second movement, 'Lamentations' has a very heartfelt and sad melody. Each instrument weaves in and out while using similar harmonies and intervals. In this movement there are mostly minor 3rds and minor 2nds and rarely a major interval. The harmonies are beautiful and gut-wrenching.

The third movement 'Gigue', is very charming and dance-like. The instruments are moving through the main melody while forming triads (Major 3rd, minor 3rd) and dominant 7th chords (major third, minor 3rd, minor 3rd).