Since politics in our country has become a very sensitive topic, I will try to not write too politically in my introductions to this composition, since I believe that the title 'Post -Election Epilogue' kind of says it all.

Before the election in 2016, I watched the news very intently…ad nauseum, I would say. I have been very concerned, like many of you I am sure, about the divisiveness in our government and in our country.

After many months of tensely watching the debates and the news, the election was finally over and personally, I was not too happy with the outcome.

I seriously needed to vent!! Thank God for music!!

So here is my piece, ‘Post-Election Epilogue’. My intent in this piece was to create a very dissonant and disturbing mood and to have many voices interfering with one another, because that is how I see the government right now.

'Post Election Epilogue' has been performed at the Timucua Arts Foundation.