'Klezmer' is the traditional instrumental music of Eastern and Central Europe's Ashkenazic Jews, who were obliterated by the Holocaust, which has given the revival of Klezmer much of its contemporary urgency and relevance".

-Boulder Jewish News

Klezmer music holds special meaning for me, as my father was a survivor of the Holocaust. I have many memories of singing Jewish melodies with my dad over the years. The last week of his life, we sang Jewish songs and Klezmer melodies together as we reminisced. I think singing together eased some of his pain before his death.

Jewish music has played a huge part in my life; I studied Jewish liturgy while I strived to be a cantor, celebrated Jewish Holidays with my family and I danced to Jewish Folk dances as well as Klezmer music.

I find Jewish music to be beautiful and comforting and I wrote 'Klezmer Medley" as an expression of love for my history and heritage. You will hear very traditional Jewish harmonies along with hints of contemporary classical music.