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  1. Childhood

Childhood was originally written by Sharon Omens in 2009  for solo piano and percussion.  It is featured in Ms. Omens's first album, “Moments In Time”.  This is a digital recording since this piece has not been performed live yet.
This recording is an expanded version of the original work.  The revised piece is written for flute, oboe, piano, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, piano and violin. Childhood has three main sections and often uses lydian mode.
Childhood has several sections describing different feelings and moods. 
The first section describes a young child playing at school.  After a short transition,  the second section is very serene and calm.  Perhaps it is nap time.  The third section comes about when the child is awakened by a bully at school and perceives danger. This section is very turbulent but it soon passes and the piece returns to the initial playful theme. Since the child remembers this traumatic event,  remnants of the turbulent theme appear in several passages toward the end.