Piano Lessons For Children

We absolutely love Mrs. Sharon Omens.  She's a wonderful, inspiring and very encouraging piano teacher.  My daughter has been taking lessons for a year and she is very happy and looks forward to her lesson every week. :)

Sandra W.


I love my lessons with Mrs. Sharon Omens.  There is no piano teacher like her.  Mrs. Sharon taught me so much and I am so grateful to have her as a teacher.  Whenever I go to my lesson, I feel so excited to learn more and to add more notes to my song. 

Lisa W, 8.


My eight year old daughter has been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Sharon for several months and loves her so much.  Sharon truly is very patient, creative and has each student's best interest in mind when she is teaching.  My daughter looks forward to each and every lesson and is given practice material for the home and she actually enjoys practicing.  I give a lot of credit to Sharon for her enthusiasm for continuing to uplift and build her confidence and love for music.  She's learned a lot in such a short period of time.  My daughter is in love with learning music, playing the piano and discovering her talents and Sharon is definitely making a huge positive impact in ensuring her success in this area.

Amy C.


Before I started lessons, I could hardly play a note.  Now I can play complicated songs I love on the piano and guitar.  I have stage fright but I can sing and play comfortably with Ms. Sharon's encouragement.

Madeline D.


I couldn't be happier with the instruction my daughter receives in piano and guitar.  Ms. Omens encourages my daughter by allowing her to learn technique and music theory while playing songs she loves.  Taking lessons with Ms. Omens has given my daughter a solid musical foundation that will serve her for a lifetime.

Theresa D.


Ms. Sharon has taught my four daughters for 8 years.  She fosters a true love for music and I highly recommend her.  My girls think of Sharon as family and I am grateful for her attention to each of their needs.

Julie P.


As you already know, I am passionate about sharing music with others...particularly children.  I guess it's because I started playing piano at a very young age, discovering music's beautiful sounds early on and have seen firsthand the utmost importance and relevance of exposing children early to the benefits of music. Music sparks creativity, self expression and learning, provides an instant social connection and fosters self confidence.


In my 30+ years of teaching and as a music therapist, it has never ceased to amaze me how music in itself has overcome all barriers and has instantly provided human connection, social interaction, learning and joy - all achieved just through the medium of music.  I find this musical bond to be exhilarating. This is why I have spent so many years sharing the power of music with children, the elderly and the developmentally disabled.


Here are a few key points that describe my piano teaching method with children and why it has proven to be successful:


I believe that children like to play music that they know and can relate to...to share music with their friends.  They feel a sense of self esteem when they can play familiar melodies.  Over the past few years, I have written and arranged hundreds of songs for kids upon their request that are playable and accessible to them - and I have watched their motivation sky rocket!  Parents tell me all the time that there is never a struggle with their children to get them to practice.


I believe that children do not fit into one learning slot.  Generally, I have found that almost all children have a mixture of learning styles and needs and I have developed a method which is flexible and tailor-made to every child's needs.


As each child collects their favorite songs to play and makes their own song books, their love of piano grows rapidly while they develop their music reading and technical skills.  Ultimately, I have seen that most children start to become more curious and willing to learn and venture nito new music that they do not necessarily recognize as time goes on.


I believe that every child can feel successful at the piano and when they study with me they will enjoy themselves and become more creative human beings.


I believe that it is never too early to instill the gift of music and I take it very seriously...early learning sets the groundwork for how children will view music for the rest of their lives!


I believe that lessons should always be fun and engaging - I incorporate lots of games, singing, dancing, rhythms, listening, coloring and whatever other creative ideas the child might want to try.


Most of all, I love children and I love music and the kids know it!  I almost always develop a very special and loving rapport with them right away.


If any or all of my beliefs peak your interest and you live in the Orlando area, them I am the right teacher for your kids and would love to talk to you.  Just drop me an email on the contact page and I will promptly get back to you within the day!




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