Sharon Omens

Heartfelt prayers, songs and chants with lovely vocals and ambient instrumentals.

Over the past 30 years, Sharon Omens has performed as a pianist and vocalist, has been a music therapist for people with special needs, taught music in schools and privately and has been committed to helping and empowering others through music.

Sharon Omens is a highly gifted and experienced musician. She began playing the piano at a very young age. Her strong passion for music grew over the years and she made a decision to make music her career. She was first educated at Immaculate Heart College (on full music scholarship) and received her Bachelors Degree in Music. As an accomplished pianist, she realized that she needed to do more than just performing music. She needed to share it with others on a deeper level. She knew that music had always given her so much strength and she wanted others to benefit from what she had received. At that point she decided to go back to school and received her Certificate of Music Therapy in 1984.

In the privacy of her home, Sharon has played improvisational piano music as a form of meditation and expression. After much encouragement from those close to her, she decided to write down and record some of these meditations which express the love and tenderness inside her.

Sharon Omens has created lovely melodic themes that are not only peaceful but often mysterious and moody. Her instrumentation perfectly suits the melodies. Read more... Teacher

I love her is very accessible and uplifting! Read more... Musician

This music is pretty and so relaxing! It calms me down on a stressful day!

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