Sharon Omens, Composer

Color Wheel

by Sharon Omens

Released 2011
Released 2011
Original, fun, interactive and creative educational songs for children with sounds of pop, jazz, country and more. Melodies and words are very catchy and it's easy to sing along!
Sharon Omens is a music educator and composer who believes music can empower you. With more than 30 years of experience training young musicians, a background in music therapy and even more time performing both voice and piano she knows what she's talking about. Ms. Omens takes care to craft music that will educate, inspire and encourage listeners to participate through actions or by singing along.

Ms. Omens received a Bachelor’s Degree of Music (piano performance) at Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood, California and Certificate of Music Therapy from California State University Long Beach. She has produced five albums: “Moments In Time”, “Peaceful”, “Prayers”, “Follow The Music” and her new album "Color Wheel".